Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Hosting 2018

thank you for considering this request! info below is the most up-to-date available
feel free to contact us at 810-689-4251 / 810-966-6976
We are hosting 60-member, all-male color guard from Genk, Germany July 13-17. We are hoping your family would be able to help by hosting 2 or more guests for this time.  We did this a few summers ago, and many of our host families made friends with whom we still regularly correspond. Most of our visitors speak some English, and many, better than us! PLEASE take advantage of this opportunity, not to help *us*, but because we know you will get so much from the experience! 

You would be expected to provide a clean place to sleep, all meals while our guests are with us, as well as some Port Huron Hospitality while our guests are in town. Show them some neat things about the Blue Water Area!  Please confirm or call for more information at 810-689-4251, 810-966-6976.  Thanks!

rough itinerary:

Friday, July 13
6:00 PM Guests arrive at back lot of PHN

Saturday / Sunday
Performance TBA
Cookout TBA

Probably a day at the beach to help out those families that have people working

9 AM Guests depart from back lot of PHN

Sign-up form

Friday, June 5, 2015

Summer 2015 - UPDATED AGAIN!

Fill out this form >>>> click here <<<<

Listen to Jennifer and Erick Senkmajer talk to Paul Miller on WPHM about hosting:
>>>> WPHM Podcast <<<<

Group Name:   Jugendblasorchester Bibertal (Bavaria), GERMANY                   

Group Type: BAND
Number of People: 69           Ages:  12-30

Dates: August 6 - 9
Thursday, August 6 Arrive at about 2:30 PM at PHN; We will have greeters take them back to our MB rehearsal.  Post-rehearsal plans, TBA, but we can keep them occupied at least until 5:15 ish for people that need to work!
Friday, August 7 TBA or on your own
Saturday, August 8 Performance at PHN-PAC
Sunday, August 9, 11:00 AM, Depart from PHN (provide bag lunch)


Please contact me at northern.bands@me.com if you would be able to help host.

What does this entail?  Well...
* First, they need a clean place to sleep for three nights.  If *your* child were traveling overseas, what kind of accommodations would you hope *their* hosts provide?   For *my* family, my own kids will be giving up beds and sleeping in the basement or in the camper while the guests get the beds.  We will also likely have some good air mattresses to put more than one in each room.
* All meals during their stay need to be accounted for.  There will be a potluck dinner on Sunday night at the school, and so your assistance in providing dish to pass for your guests and family (plus some extra).  Details will be coordinated later
* Transportation to the Friday social activity and the Saturday performance (sometimes transportation can be arranged by an additional person.  just let us know)
* Show them a bit of Port Huron and the Blue Water Area.. Take them to the beach, take them to the mall, take them out on a boat... 
* Be a great host!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Vote for PHN Bands at Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Here it is folks, Vote early, vote often, all weekend long! Share this post!
Try to get as many people to help as possible!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

The orchestra will be performing

...at the 11:30 AM Catholic Mass on Sunday, July 6 at St. Mary Catholic Church, 1505 Ballentine, Port Huron, MI. Traditional liturgical music will performed by members of the St. Stephan's Orchestra from Germany and will feature brass players and the rest of the orchestra acting as the choir. 

St. Stefan orchestra members should be on site by 10:40 AM for setup and warmup.

The full orchestra will also be performing at Port Huron Northern High School

Sunday evening, 6 PM.  Doors will open at about 5:30 PM.

Performance is free.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thank you's

Thank you to the following people and organizations for their help with
supporting the hosting project:

Jim Langolf
Dave and Denise Brooks
Paul Miller and WPHM

Yvonne Boone & Bob Hicks
Susan Cook
Mary Faley
Jim Frank
Pat & Terry Griffin
Mark Hoover
Curt, Cristy
Brian & Teresa Jex
Jim Langolf
John & Lonnie Sharkey
Chris and Michelle Berberian
Gail Nawrock
Shawn & Tom O'Grady
Patti Riley
Jen & Rich Pond
Helen Ruffing
Jen Douglas
Jennifer Senkmajer
Thelma (Yeri) & Charles Shafer
Jennifer Wallisch
Sharon Wilton
Carolyn Wolf

...and many other community members (more names coming)!

need more info on the hosting project?